“Wonderfully absurd”Globe and Mail

“Ingenious Charm”National Post

“Irrestistible Humour”Ottawa Citizen

“Meticulous Choreography”Toronto Star


Peep Show

Drop in a coin, the slot goes up, but this is no ordinary peep show...

A couple enter a peep-show booth to watch an unusual courtship ritual unfold, where the performers' first tentative touches lead to an increasingly competitive game of "slaps". The game takes a serious turn when a hand crosses the line into an erogenous zone. Bravo!FACT Short film adapted from Bridge of Sighs by CORPUS. Length: 4 minutes

Audience Award, Cinedans Dance Film Festival, Amsterdam

Best in Show, InShadow International Festival of Video, Performance and Technology, Lisbon


Official Selection at more than 100 festivals and special screenings, including:

Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival

Palm Springs International Short Film Festival

Vancouver International Film Festival

Commonwealth Film Festival

Lincoln Center New York


Director: Robert DeLeskie

Producer: Kate Kung

Writers: David Danzon & Robert DeLeskie

Cast: Sylvie Bouchard, David Danzon, Joe Gladman, Katherine Bignell

Cinematography: Steven Mrkobrada

Art Director: Diana Kubista

Music & Sound Design: Lance Neveu