“Wonderfully absurd”Globe and Mail

“Ingenious Charm”National Post

“Irrestistible Humour”Ottawa Citizen

“Meticulous Choreography”Toronto Star


4 Square

An interactive Treehouse TV show that allows preschoolers to explore four separate art forms: song, rhythm, poetry and dance. Children will enjoy singing along with the Do-Whahs in the song segment; clapping, patting and stamping with the Beat Team in the rhythm segment; reciting the fun-filled poems of Toronto poet laureate, Dennis Lee, in the poetry segment; and dancing along with the energetic dance troupe, CORPUS, in the movement segment.

4 square


The original cast featured David Danzon as Captain Hup, Sylvie Bouchard as Bianca; Ray Hogg as Krankovich; and Anand Rajaram as Ludsu. Subsequent casts featured Rachel Harrison as Captain Huppette, Michelle Black as Pippa, Michael Caldwell as Rufus, and Rob Rementilla as Metito.